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March 19-21, 2023

 75th Annual Montana District Convention 2023


March 19-21st at Billings Hotel & Convention Center

Registration links TBA

District Convention (DCON) is held by the Montana District of Key Club in the spring of each year. It is a celebration of the various clubs' achievements over the last year, and also is where we elect the new district leadership for the upcoming year. There are a number of educational workshops held, both for new club officers, and for the general membership. There are also inspirational speakers, contests, and fun activities for all.

This year's theme:

Inspiring Bright Futures!

CLUB Registration CLICK HERE



  • Bring your club banners to hang in the main ballroom

  • Bring your Annual Achievement Report (if you have not already turned it in)

  • Dress Code A: Professional Attire

  • Dress Code B: Casual Attire

  • Dress Code C: Caucus Attire

  • Talent Show on Sunday night.  Register your talent with the link below. 

  • Get ready to dance your tails off at the Key Club dance Monday night!


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Important 2023 Deadlines

CONTESTS Link  & AWARD PACKET link are still open to gather more applicants for recognition.  Please sent to MPreston ASAP via email or mail. 

CANDIDATE BIO. FORM link are still open to allow for more candidates to represent their divisions.  Please send to  MPreston by ASAP via email or mail.

Please select 2 voting DELEGATE CERTIFICATION FORM to represent your club at the House of Delegates.  Return the delegate form to MPreston via email or mail by March 12, 2021

 ANNUAL ACHIEVEMENT REPORT link  due to MPreston  by March 26, 2021 via email or mail.

TALENT SHOW ENTRY FORM:  If you plan to showcase your talent, please see the rules, complete, the entry form, and submit.  There will be a talent contest meeting upon arrival at DCON so stay tuned!

District Board Elections 

If you plan to run for this year's (2023-2024) district board please read the Candidate & Election Procedures packet in 

 preparation for our upcoming elections!

candidate 3.png

Please complete the candidate biography form below if you plan to run for this year's (2023-2024) district board and submit online or return to Michelle Preston @

in preparation for our upcoming elections!

vote 2.jpg

Once you have seen and heard the candidates speeches, please follow the link below to cast your vote for the

2023-2024 MT District Board 

2022-2023 Convention Award Winners

Governor's Excellence Awards

Lewis Trophy O/S President

Outstanding LTG 

Distinguished Presidents

Outstanding District Board 

Distinguished Vice Presidents

Distinguished Secretaries

Distinguished Members

Distinguished Members

Distinguished Members

Distinguished Members

Distinguished Members

Outstanding Kiwanis Adviser

Wohler Award

Volunteer Adviser

Single Service Award

Stanaway Award

Major Emphasis Award

Kiwanis Family Relations

Replace +5

Governor's Project

Ronald McDonald House Tabs

Project Life 

Achievement Reports 

Average Service Hours 

Man Mile Award

Percentage Attendance 

Club Sipirt

Most Members Attending

Best Caucus 

Club of the Year

Video Contest 

Division of the Year

Early Bird Dues

Traditional Scrapbook


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