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Key Leader is a weekend experiential leadership program for today's young leaders.

This life-changing event focuses on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadership-development experience. A Key Leader will learn the most important lesson of leadership—it comes from helping others succeed.

This year, the Key Leader camp in Montana will be held at

Flathead Lutheran Bible camp on beautiful, scenic Flathead Lake from July 15-17, 2022

The basic cost to attend is $250.00.  We have added a day to camp for some additional free time and for that reason, no scholarships are available this year.  You can find the Key Leader registration forms on the Montana Key Leader Facebook page

or through this direct link TBA

Many Montana Kiwanis clubs will help with the cost of attending.     

Late fees as well as bus fees may apply

For more information, contact:

Brandon Janshen (406-853-2824) or Betsy Pahut (406-560-5311)

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Montana Key Leader

Key Leader Camp 2019 Attendee

"Last year I went to Key Leader and I loved it!  I had so much fun learning how to be a better leader and making new friends from across the state.  When I was there, I came out of my shell and met people that I would never have met had I not participated.  While attending Key Leader last year, I learned how to be a better leader by supporting the team I was leading instead of being a boss.  Also, my teamwork skills vastly improved.  Writing and receiving Key Leader grams was very enjoyable.  It improved my self esteem not only reading ones people wrote to me but also writing ones to other people. "

--- Camryn Zink, Miles City 

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