Kaylee Yeager

District Secretary

Kaylee Yeager (Miles City)

District Secretary

Hey there Key Clubbers!

My name is Kaylee Yeager and I will be serving as your District Secretary for the 2019-2020 service year. I will be senior at Custer County District High School this service year, and I am very excited to be working with all the amazing Key Clubbers in this state! As for a little bit about me, I enjoy traveling, writing, and generally being a huge nerd. I am also involved in Competitive Speech and Drama, HOSA, and Science Club among other organizations. Although Key Club is not just about winning awards, it’s important that all the hardworking clubs across Montana get the recognition they deserve. It’s my job as Secretary to record this information from Club Secretary Reports. If you are a Club Secretary and have questions about your reports or position, please don’t hesitate to contact me!