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Aiden Sorrell

LTG Division 8

Hi my name is Aiden Sorrell, I am a Junior from Polson High School. I am Lieutenant Governor of Division 8 for Key Club in Montana. I love doing community service and helping others with any projects they have. I like to inspire others to work hard and I thrive in a fast paced working environment. The reason why I have joined Key Club and why I am LTG of Division 8 is because I want to challenge myself and grow as a person. I have ideas for a service project for our Division such as a Beautification project, I would love to have all the schools included in the Division to support and work with the project. This project would benefit the environment and improve the way schools appear. I've had an internship at SKHA Authority and I am experienced in an office and professional work environment. In total, I will work to improve and better myself as well as working hard to be the best I can be for Lieutenant Governor of Division 8.

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