Youth Conference is the Montana District of Key Club fall kick-off rally.  We provide education about all things Key Club within the Montana District, including Key Club basics, officer training, the Governor's Project, Major Emphasis, ELIMINATE, Youth Opportunity Fund, Key Club International and Kiwanis, preferred charities and partners, awards and scholarships available, and much more.  The purpose is to educate the attendees and inspire them to take what they learn to their home clubs so that these clubs can be more effective.

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Youth Conference Schedule 

November 7-9, 2021: 

Key Club Around the World…

Changing the World Through Service: Go & Do!


Sunday Nov. 7: Today’s Flight plan is…. 

5-6pm Registration 

6-7pm: Welcome-Flight is boarding…  get ready for takeoff!

7:10 pm:  Workshop Wave 1

8 pm:  General Sessions 1

9pm:  Introduction of the Governor's Project 

9:30pm: Groups Time-Skits

10 pm:  Closing & Sergeant. At Arms 

11:30 pm:  Curfew for the night 


Monday Nov. 8:  Let’s explore! We can make a world of difference

7-8:30am:  Breakfast in lobby 

8:30am: Fun good morning activity

8:45am:  Announce groups for service projects

9 am-12pm: Service Projects-in community

12 pm: Lunch 

1 pm:  General Sessions 2


2:15 pm: Whole Group- Speaker 

3 pm:  Whole Group- Committee Presentations


4 pm: General Session 3 

4:15 pm: Workshop Wave 2

4:55 pm: General Session 4 

5:30 pm:  Dinner 

7 pm: General Session 5 

7:45 pm: Workshop Wave 3

8:55p pm: Group Time & Skits

9:20 pm:  Fun Activity 

10 pm: Closing 

11:30 pm: Curfew for the night 


Tuesday Nov. 9: Adventure awaits!  

Go & Do!  Help Key Club to soar to new heights worldwide!

8:30 am:  Call to order 

9am: Fun Activities

Break- clear out hotel rooms!!!!

10 am:  Group Time & Skits 

10:45 am: Guess the Baby Board

11 am: Final Passport time

11:15 am: Awards/Recognition-ALL

11:30 am: Closing & Goodbyes 



Stay tuned for more information to come 



Stay tuned for more information to come 



Stay tuned for more information to come 

Service Project


Stay tuned for more information to come